Hudson Valley Seed Co

2018 Selected Art Pack Artist 



Every year Hudson Valley Seed Co selects twelve new artists to contribute to their annual Art Packs seed packets. I was delighted to be picked this year and to be paired with the Paul Robeson Tomato!  These seeds are for sale in shops around the country and online HERE

quatre_paul_robeson_tomato-2100px copy.jpg

Full Pack Design 

The full seed pack design includes the front square and four folding flaps held together in the back with a removable sticker. The pack itself is designed to be open and displayed after purchase making it a full art and seed purchase. The seeds themselves are held in a smaller envelope inside.  


Seed Saving, Lineage, our Connection to Past and Present

When designing this seed pack I wanted to say; See beyond the surface. I think there is a lot more going on in our world than cells spliting and organizing themselves. There is something holy about a fresh juicy tomato in the warm summer sun. Ask anyone. It’s a sensation that fills your whole being. It draws in memories and comfort and nostalgia. Who's to say that that tomato didn’t intend to offer you just that experience? And in saving and sharing of those seeds, aren't we also ensuring those shared experiences for each other?