Mural Design in Cincinnati, Ohio

“Connected Through the Generations”

September 4th 2019 was one of the happiest days of my life. This spring I teamed up with Artworks Cincinatti and The YWCA Greater Cincinnati to design a mural in honor of the 150th year anniversary of life and transformative work of the YWCA throughout its generations. I worked on this design alone in my apartment and communicated through email and a few phone calls. On the dedication day we all came together to celebrate the completed mural. I had no idea how many amazing people were behind this project, behind this image, behind this message, behind me and the artist team and I was completely unprepared for the joy of meeting everyone. I spent 10+ hours in the car getting to and from this event and I cried on the way home. This is exactly where I want to be as an artist, teaming up with amazing organizations and talented artists to put messages of connection and transformation out in the world in big and loud ways. Thank you so much Artworks Cincinnati, The YWCA Greater Cincinnati and many others for making this happen and a HUGE thank you to the amazing team of artists who spent over two months painting this! (It’s literally so big.) I’m happy to have co-created something with you all!