Art & Impact with I Paint My Mind

Last month I was invited to chat with students as a visiting artist at Little Village Academy. My artwork has been hanging up in the school this year through a bold initiative out of I Paint My Mind to get art into more public spaces.


Their Shared Walls program buys art prints from local artist and connects with public schools, libraries and community centers to turn their buildings into rotating galleries and learning spaces with the addition of a curriculum and activity guide. 

I had a chance to chat with kids about what it means to be an “illustrator”, how art and imagination are essential in our work to transform the world, and what unique gifts we each bring to our communities. I am grateful for the opportunity to engage with young people around the impact of art in the world thanks to IPMM!

Are you connected with a Chicago community center?

Are you interested in connecting with I Paint My Mind to bring art into your space? Check out opportunities and learn more about the amazing work of IPMM HERE

Fumbling Toward Repair; A Workbook for Community Accountability Facilitators

It was a deep honor to get to work with Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan, illustrating their new workbook that offers skills for folks facilitating community accountability processes in their communities. I teamed up with my graphic designer friend Rachel Hoffman to pull their writings and activities together in this 160+ page workbook.

IMG_6492 2.JPG

“Fumbling Toward Repair is a workbook by Mariame Kaba and Shira Hassan that includes reflection questions, skill assessments, facilitation tips, helpful definitions, activities, and hard-learned lessons intended to support people who have taken on the coordination and facilitation of formal community accountability processes to address interpersonal harm & violence.”


What is Community Accountability? “In their modern iteration, as developed and framed by groups like INCITE! Women and Trans People of Color Against Violence, community accountability practices and processes are partly about mapping possibilities for transformation and healing. They can be an important component of transformative justice (TJ). The people who helped to found INCITE! came to their understandings of CA through lived experiences with pushing for more laws to combat gender-based violence and/or with being targets of the criminal punishment system. We recognized that the CJ system increased violence in our lives. We looked for alternative systems for addressing the interpersonal and systemic harms that we were experiencing in our communities. Community accountability and transformative justice practices emerged from the lived realities of women of color, trans people of color, and others who were navigating violence.”

From Shira and Mariame; “This workbook is intended for people who have facilitated or attempted to facilitate  community accountability processes to address interpersonal violence. It is not a handbook for community accountability 101, nor is it appropriate for novices. 

This workbook is appropriate for people who already have some counseling, hotline, or first responder experience, and who already have knowledge of intimate partner violence and sexual violence either through paid or volunteer work.

Our goal is to support other survivors of sexual and interpersonal violence who have taken on the coordination and facilitation of formal of CA processes. We want to offer a resource we both wish we could have referenced when we began this work over 15 years ago.

This workbook is intended for use as an additional resource for those who have already studied community accountability and transformative justice writings, such as Revolution Starts at Home, Emergent Strategy, Color of Violence, and the Creative Interventions Toolkit.”

This workbook is currently available at!

Summer Schedule!

Hi there dear people! Looking to pick up some goodies in person? Check out my summer fair schedule below! 

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 9.19.20 AM.png

July 22- Chicago -Peach Party presents; Earth

July 28+29 -Portland, OR -Renegade Craft Fair

August 18+19- Chicago -Glenwood Ave Art Fest 

HOMOLUMINOUS 2019 Calendar

I am excited to announce that I will be releasing a calendar for 2019 annual year!


HOMOLUMINOUS will house a new body of work that focuses on the glowing connected beings that we are becoming. 

The world is constantly evolving, as are we. Through the advancements of technology we are able to communicate with each other instantaneously. Old and new spiritual practices are coming into being as we question our institutions more and look deeply at what there is to celebrate in this world. We are coming up with new ways to live together, new ways to honor ourselves, new ways to fight for our communities, and its changing us. 

I’ve been playing with the visuals of star filled figures for many years now and only recently have come to articulate what these images mean to me, that we are in fact an evolving species; Homoluminous. We are a new type of human coming into being, one that is more powerful and connected and full of light. 

This calendar will be a space to explore these concepty; our collective design, are unique talents, our larger trajectory of healing this world and doing it together. 


Hudson Valley Seeds Collaboration

This last year I was delighted to be selected as one of the Hudson Valley Seeds Co Art Pack artists! I was paired with the Paul Robeson tomato and was really enjoyed learning about this powerful and talented man. Seed packs are for sale around the country and online HERE.